About Me

Hi. My name’s Eric, and I am a nomad. Living on the go and rarely planning more than 24 hours in advance, I sleep on couches, floors and beds, in tents, hammocks and my car. My daily goals: talk to strangers, help people whenever, wherever and however they need it, and document the world in words and photographs. I take work as it comes and only buy things I need. Every day is an opportunity to see or do something new, and I am most certainly an opportunist. I’m a humanist, and I think we all should be.

For the longest time I was under the assumption that the pursuit of happiness is what we should aspire to as modern people on a modern planet. It wasn’t until I left my 9-t0-5 job, got rid of most of my belongings and started touring the U.S. in my 1997 Toyota Camry that I realized happiness is not, should not, and can not be the goal. What began as a 28-year-old’s quest for joy, over time, became an insatiable search for fulfillment. Finding new beautiful places, meeting new amazing people, experiencing the world while it’s still here to touch and hear and smell… That’s what led me here, and that is what keeps me waking with the dawn. It seems that happiness is a hill we can never quite reach the top of, for we are only human and will always grow our desires. Fulfillment is a cup brimming with your own achievements.

With a passion for photography inspired through a few opportunities at that same 9-to-5 job, I vow to tour the world and see as much of it as possible, bringing it to you in honest stories, beautiful photographs and travelogue videos. The people I meet, the things I climb, the hidden secrets I uncover and travel tips to make you a road warrior will be shared here. Also, I sell wall art. I’ll call it fine art when I consider it that. For now, wall art. If you like the blog and/or my photos, please subscribe!

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