Artwork FAQs

Do you offer custom-sized artwork?

Yes! Email with your request and you’ll get a response within 48 hours.

How long does it take to produce my order?

All of my products take 3-4 business days to produce, and about the same to ship. It may take up to 10 business days for your artwork to arrive.

What is the sharpest product you offer?

My standard prints are Giclee printsds and use the best professional printers and archival paper to provide amazing high resolution imagery that will last for decades.

What is a canvas wrap?

Canvas wraps utilize artist-grade canvas to provide incredible warmth and texture for your wall art (click here for a sample image). Your canvas will always look as tight and flat as the day it was made, because every frame is built with a solid face to support the canvas and keep it from deforming and loosening. That means it doesn’t move if you touch it, like many mass-produced pieces. With a 1.25″ depth that is fully printed on the sides, each canvas wrap is a three-dimensional piece of artwork. All canvas wraps include built-in mounting hardware for fast, easy hanging.

Note: The 1.25″ wrap means the front-facing image will be slightly cropped (the outer edges of the image will be on the sides of the canvas frame).

What is a leather wrap?

Leather wraps provide the exclusive opportunity to take your artwork to the next level in luxury display (click here for a sample image). Combining the timeless beauty of leather grain with high-tech printing and mounting, leather wraps produce a stunning piece of artwork suitable for a lifetime of proud display.

The leather material is produced in Valencia, Spain and is comprised exclusively of cowhide fibers. The fibers are bonded together primarily by natural latex, a renewable resource harmlessly tapped from Hevea trees. A minimum of 70% of the total content is leather fiber and approximately 30% is non-leather substances, principally the natural latex.

I scratched my canvas or leather wrap, what should I do?

If your wrap gets scratched or bumped during its life, you may choose to conceal blemishes using pigment ink based markers that dry quickly. I recommend Copic, available at craft stores such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

How long will my art last?

All my products, including canvas, leather and Giclee prints are designed to last a lifetime. My printing firm uses the highest quality inks and canvas materials, prepared-to-order by professionals that ensure each piece provides years of enjoyment.

Note: Placing any artwork or fabric in prolonged direct sunlight will cause color fading.

How can I clean my artwork?

Standard Prints – Wipe very gently with a clean, dry cloth.

Canvas Wraps – Wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

Leather Wraps – Wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

What is your return/refund policy?

I guarantee the quality of every piece I ship, so if your art arrives damaged, please email within 72 hours of receipt. If possible, please include photos of any shipping damage to help expedite replacement. You do not have to return the damaged piece (nobody wants broken art). Replacements require the same production and shipping time.

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